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High-End Real Estate Photography

I am now an exclusive photographer for Realtor Kristine Berens at Coldwell Banker Island Properties in Kailua-Kona.

If you would like to market your property to the fullest potential go to . Tell her you would like your property to look it’s best with pictures and video the minute it goes on the market.

Buyers only get one email alert if they are setup on an automatic property search. That email needs pro photos and video.

You may attract Buyers that couldn’t see past another Realtors smartphone pictures. They may never save a property or see the professional photos another Realtor might put up 3-5 days after it was on the market.

I use composite layers of photos shot with wireless lighting for bright interiors. I will never rely on HDR manipulation or auto settings.  It will preserve a realistic look in color, wood grain and textures. Most importantly, in Hawaii, the interior photos will still show everything you see outside those windows.

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